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Rail Temps, Inc. was started to meet the needs of our clients by providing a trained and FRA-certified extra board of temporary railroad personnel. We take the time to select the most qualified and experienced people to fill positions as temporary employees to our railroad clients.

Rail Temps, Inc. (RTI) is the sister company of Transportation Certification Services, Inc. (TCS), a company that provides training and certification now. The regulation change in 2001 caused us to split TCS into 2 separate companies, TCS and RTI. While the name has changed, the high-quality of our services has not. Rail Temps, Inc. is still one of the most sought after temporary railroad employee sources in the United States today, providing additional railroad personnel all over the country.

In 1994, some of our TCS clients expressed the need for temporary personnel to operate trains, perform dispatching duties, yardmaster duties and supervisory duties due to sudden or seasonal increases in business, property expansion, vacation vacancies, etc. To fill the clients’ needs and to satisfy certain regulations that TCS is not subject to nor structured to address, we created Rail Temps, Inc. in 2001 as a sister company to expand our capabilities and services. Rail Temps gathers applications, certification documentation, interviews potential “Temporary Train Operators (TTO)” and assists experienced railroaders in finding temporary assignments with our clients. We have and continue to provide TTO’s to clients ranging in size from the largest Class 1 to the smallest of industrial switching operations and both freight and passenger/commuter operations.

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