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Railroad Consulting ServicesWe can be the perfect stop-gap temporary answer for your needs while you hire and train new employees for your railroad's highly skilled craft needs.

Our work force is unique in the rail industry and can be utilized to cover your temporary work force shortages ranging from seasonal and overflow workloads due to unprecedented traffic growth. You can request from 1 to 250 temporary workers in most train operation fields. They can work from a week to a year or longer as needed. This flexibility makes Rail Temps, Inc. (RTI) very desirable in the railroad industry. RTI clients have a go-to agency that provides the highest-quality temporary employees for any length of time at a moments notice.

Highlights of our services:

1. Occupations we offer for your Temporary Needs:
- Locomotive Engineer (Fully FRA Certified)
- Conductors
- Brakemen / Switchmen
- Train Dispatchers
- Yardmasters
- Carmen
- Locomotive Servicing Personal
- Electricians
- MechanicsRailroad Mechanics

2. Single Invoicing to your railroad, regardless of the number of people from Rail Temps on your property.

3. Ability to hire Rail Temps contractors full-time on your railroad at the completion of our contract terms and tenure.

4. Duration of Rail Temps contractors on your railroad is completely controlled by you:
They can come to you in a group or one at a time, and be released in the same manner. Minimum duration of a temporary worker is 5 working days and the maximum duration is one year.

Why engage a Temporary Service?

- Unexpected business increase
- Temporary shift of traffic routing
- Vacation/medical relief for your employees
- Sudden increase in retirements
- Seasonal work loads
- Off-line industry work disruptions

Please give us a call - we would like to give you a hand!

Locomotive Mechanics
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