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Rail Temps, Inc. offers opportunities to experienced, professional railroaders that are unique to the rail industry. We offer your services, on a temporary basis, to railroads all over North America on an as-needed basis from our growing list of clients. We do not offer or promise full-time employment with either a railroad or with Rail Temps, Inc. We do not hire or train people off the street for the rail industry - you must be fully qualified, FRA certified locomotive engineers, have current licensure, and have a proven safety/performance record before applying to Rail Temps, Inc.

What Rail Temps, Inc. can offer to you:
- Short-term engagement of your services (1 week to 1 year) with large and small railroads all over North AmericaQualified Mechanical Personnel
- Competitive pay appropriate to your railroad craft
- Paid travel, meals, and lodging while performing service
- Ability to keep you current in your railroad craft
- Total flexibility when and where you want to work
- No employment commitment to Rail Temps, Inc.
- Regular pay periods (Every two weeks rather than at the end of the project)
- Generous referral program

Who Rail Temps, Inc. is looking for:
Experienced railroaders from these crafts
- Locomotive Engineer
- Conductor
- Brakemen/Switchmen
- Train Dispatchers
- Yardmasters
- Carmen
- Mechanical Personnel (locomotive & car)
- Professionals with proven safety and rule compliance records
- Individuals with the ability to learn new railroads and their rules quickly
- Willing to work with a variety of people
- Attitude and aptitude are equally important

If interested further, please complete an application at your convenience.

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